The Book of The Year

Do you know that today you have more writers than readers? Do you know that 80% of people around you right now are thinking of publishing their own book?

The above fact makes us wonder more about “you”.
Help us by answering the below few questions.

1. What top 3 topics make you want to buy a book?

2. What do you expect to “get” out of a book you purchase?

3. How much money do you invest in average, per book?

4. If you were to go to a library right now, what would you like to find one about?

5. Name one book that has changed your life.

Thank you for your input, we look forward to reading your comments!


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2 responses to “The Book of The Year

  • Kinsey

    well for Q1 and Q2, I would say either an extremely sexy book to stimulate my eyes, or something that can stimulate my brain 🙂

    Q3, really depends on the size or type of the book, if it’s a business one, I don’t know, would say around 25 usd? for an art book would go up to 120 usd perhaps…

    A book that has changed my life…… Any good book I have read about what I already do in life (I usually read a few pages before buying it) and any book that was able to make me feel emotionally better 🙂 hehe

  • Georges G.

    a book about ME! 😀

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