10 Reasons why Stefan Sagmeister Loves CD packaging

Stefan Sagmeister is an Austrian Graphic Designer and Typographer. He is most-recognised for designing album covers for Lou Reed, OK Go, The Rolling Stones, David Byrne, Aerosmith and Pat Metheny.

1. Music is my other big interest in life. Its more interesting to go to meetings with Lou Reed and David Byrne than spending my time with marketing managers.

2. CD covers normally don’t get thrown away.

3. Many CD’s are distributed internationally and printed in large quantities.

4. I am very tall, so I love working on something very small.

5. I used to be in a really bad band (and I was its worst member). Later on (at 25) I was in a better band and good enough to realize that I better make a decision between music and design. Went for design. Still love music

6. Warner always lets us total free reign (if the artist likes the cover)

7. Recording artists do not have a set idea of what they want even before we receive a brief. We are not good as executioners of somebody elses ideas. David Byrne excepted.

8. Bands who come to us normally already rejected the labels in-house design group. So they or their management seeked us out specifically. Many times they are open.

9. We listen to the music of the band a lot while designing.

10. I prefer cardboard packaging (rather than plastic) because it ages much more beautifully.


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