10 Useful Print-Related Links & 1 Free Book Chapter!

Does your work often get delayed by poor resources, clients who take too much time to send the needed logos, or by images that are being sent to you in the wrong format?

Here are 10 Links that can help speed up your work process, in different print-related areas. We are also sending out 1 free chapter from David Airey’s Book “A guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities”, to every person who Signs Up to our Newsletter within the next 2 weeks!

1. Is your client late on sending out his company’s original logo, or does not have the right format for you to use? Don’t wait any longer, you can now download Any International Brand’s Original Vector Logos for Free!

Just Click On: Brands of the World

2. Do you have a project to print, are you looking for a good and eco-conscious printer with fast quotation handling? Look no further, ask for your fast Same Day Printing Quotations, by filling out the online form at the right of the menu, including the option to deliver your product anywhere worldwide!

Just Click on: Raidy Printing Group

3. Are you bored with your current font library, and just feel like some new typefaces with a twist? Here is your source! Free Fonts for Download!

Just Click On: 1001 Free Fonts

4. Has your image library become too limited? Are you looking for High Resolution Images to Use for your next Printed Job? Look no further, Download High Resolution Photos for Free Now!

Just Click On: Free Pixels

5. Are you Re-decorating your apartment and are looking for eye-catching, unique Mixed Media Paintings to hang on your walls? Here is a Resource with award-winning affordable Limited Edition Print on Demand Artwork to Purchase!

Just Click On: Mariejoe Raidy Online Art Gallery

6. Are you a curious photo-effect lover, and do you feel like experimenting with your photo library, by adding some spicy and fun effects on them? Look no further, Run Your Pics in the Funky Photo-Effect Mix!

Just Click On: Be Funky

7. Are you bored, do you have some free time on your hand, and do you feel like a good laugh? Here are Some Free and Funny Photo Effects for you to enjoy!

Just Click On: Fun Photo Box

8. Are you back to serious work, and need some Limited Quality Images for your client’s next brochure and catalogue? Are you tired of free images websites, for they are just available for everyone to use and abuse? Here is a link with Affordable High Quality Images for you to purchase!

Just Click On: Getty Images

9. Are you looking for visual inspiration, pictograms, cliparts, logos, fonts and design forums to help you improve your design skills, with forum dedicated to QuarkXpress,Photoshop, to Indesign, and Illustrator? Look no further, Here is your Free Vectorial Resource Website!

Just Click On: La Logotheque

10. Now as a reminder, Write your e-mail on the right side of this page, to subscribe to our newsletter and receive our latest design and print related posts, as well as receiving One Free Chapter of David Airey’s New Book About Logos! Chapter Title: From Pencil to PDF!

Have a Colorful Day!

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4 responses to “10 Useful Print-Related Links & 1 Free Book Chapter!

  • Elisa

    woaaa, sweet! thanks!!

  • Bassem

    Thanks a lot for the tips, they are surely handy and useful. The thoughts listed above are true, sometimes I do get bored of my font suitcase and try to reach out for free websites to have more fonts, especially artistic and special ones… But I came to realize that a lot of these fonts are created by freelancers or designers, and sometimes have deficiencies, so they leave us with “bad surprises” sometimes. Any tips or ideas on that? How can we avoid this? I understand you are not technicians, I am just thinking out loud, and the reply of any blogger or blog master will be much appreciated actually….

    God Bless

    • we-love-print.com

      Free fonts are indeed tricky, our advise would be to make some tests prior to using them:
      1. the safest thing is to use these fonts for titles only, and “create outline” if possible. so not to use them on a big area.
      2. if you really like a font, and still want to use it, then do the following: fonts files have a print and a web version, print a test page out to make sure the “print” version is not corrupted. sometimes even if a font may appear to be fine on your screen, the print version can have defects.

      hope this helps.

  • limewire free download

    trying to find you on facebook

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