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Mariejoe Raidy, print creative director and business woman, is known for multi-tasking creativity and social entrepreneurship. The print jobs she produces with Raidy Printing Group are each very unique, with one thing in common: quality printing and eco-friendliness. The Photography work she was first known for (before joining the printing world), is also very diverse, with one thing in common: the image decapitation and collages that give a new dimension to each subject. Yet when it comes to Mixed Media Illustrations, we notice they are very focused on Portraits and have one Style all across. So why this lack of subject and medium diversity only when it comes to paintings? Here is a short conference call conducted with MJR.

Graphic Novel Book Cover

Graphic Novel Book Cover

“The Book was an experimental project I worked on for my thesis. Through it I tried to combine text and images to form one entity. The illustrations in this book work as text, and show an evolution of shapes, colors and emotions, mainly through portraiture. My intention was never to publish this book, but to play around with it, as I was always fascinated by what paper and ink can do.”

The Birth

The Birth

“Faces are very expressive, I personally don’t find it surprising as every expression tells a new and different story, and portrays different emotions. I actually challenged myself to express so much in something so small and so limited. I was fascinated by how much a face, an eye, a smile can tell about a person, his/her story and feelings. This is where it all started, and the more I created, the more it kept evolving into new dimensions. Portraits are political, musical, artistic, emotional, fun, serious, to name a few. Faces are the essence of everything else around us. And without faces, we wouldn’t be able to see, hear, smell, taste or touch what surrounds us.”



The book was only released it in 5 copies, and is no longer available. Some of the artworks in it are available today, in Limited Prints Each. You can find them on my website [].

“I found myself in the business world, and love to work with people. The unique energy each client brings, and working in teams, is a different form of professional creativity to me. We all work together for the same goal, with one same vision, always aiming to get the best outcome while being as socially conscious as possible. Art lies in everything we do, and as much as I like to spend time alone, I, as most people, breath through others and grow with them. Together we all make one better person.”

Life Evolution

Life Evolution

“The book is a graphic novel, and images are the main element in it. If it got awarded, it is for the images and medium used, not the text. The paper choice texture and color, the ink density, and how the illustrations were combined in print, made it win. The book itself, was work in progress, it was more of a playground for these images. It was never finished. This is why images are available today, but the publication is not.”

“A book I am currently working on, that will actually be published on a much larger scale this time. In this book you will have no images, yet the text works as images. So in my first experimental unpublished book “images worked as text” and in this new totally different one, “text works as images”. Even if it has no image in it, it is actually very visual.”

Lebanese Press

Lebanese Press

“hmm… Business  :)”

American Press

American Press

“The release date will be set in April, but most probably end of 2011.”

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10 Videos on the Printing Evolution, Process and Tips

Below are 10 Videos we came across on the subject of Printing in the Middle East and Printing Tips, that we found Informative, Educational and Fun to Watch.

1. French > Past and Present News on Printing in Lebanon for World Book Capital. The Evolution of Printing in the Middle East Explained.

2. English >  The Machine that Made Us, The Printing Press

3. Arabic > LBCI TV station, Profile on Printing Press, with a Visit in the Different Departments of a Printing Press

4. English & Arabic > A History of Printing and how it Evolved in Lebanon

5. English > Gutenberg and the Impact of the Printing Press

6. English > A Book Lover’s Fun Way of Explaining the History of Printing.

7. English > A Visual and Musical Animation on the History of Print

8. English > Why is Bleed Needed When Printing? Here is a Visual Demonstration of the Issue.

9. English > Print Designers, Some of the Important Criteria to Consider When Designing for print, by a Creative Critic.

10. English > How Publication Printing Works, taking an image from your Computer and Processing it to Print.

10 Type-Related News & Tips by Jonathan Barnbrook

Jonathan Barnbrook is a British Typographer and Graphic Designer. He is arguably most-recognised for his work on the cover artwork of David Bowie‘s 2002 album Heathen which featured the debut for his ‘Priori’ typeface.

1. The design police do exist & you can become one of them, correcting all typos & bad ideas/designs in the world

2. Designers, trouble finding the format for your next book project? then this might be helpful: the scale of the universe

3. In egypt: protest banner with logos of tech companies

4. Here is the official announcement from MOMA, listing all of the fonts now included in their collection

5. Major recognition for digital type. mason & 22 other typefaces acquired by MOMA for their arch. & design collection

6. Helvetica has been the only typeface in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

7. Very happy to be lecturing in new york for the @AIGANY on Feb 23rd, more details here

8. For those who want a good general VJ resource inc. a comprehensive history, this is absolutely excellent

9.  Sign up to our mailing list for free fonts and stuff

10. About Newspeak font: Named after term in George Orwell’s book ‘1984’ font is based on stalinist social realist architecture

10 Reasons why Stefan Sagmeister Loves CD packaging

Stefan Sagmeister is an Austrian Graphic Designer and Typographer. He is most-recognised for designing album covers for Lou Reed, OK Go, The Rolling Stones, David Byrne, Aerosmith and Pat Metheny.

1. Music is my other big interest in life. Its more interesting to go to meetings with Lou Reed and David Byrne than spending my time with marketing managers.

2. CD covers normally don’t get thrown away.

3. Many CD’s are distributed internationally and printed in large quantities.

4. I am very tall, so I love working on something very small.

5. I used to be in a really bad band (and I was its worst member). Later on (at 25) I was in a better band and good enough to realize that I better make a decision between music and design. Went for design. Still love music

6. Warner always lets us total free reign (if the artist likes the cover)

7. Recording artists do not have a set idea of what they want even before we receive a brief. We are not good as executioners of somebody elses ideas. David Byrne excepted.

8. Bands who come to us normally already rejected the labels in-house design group. So they or their management seeked us out specifically. Many times they are open.

9. We listen to the music of the band a lot while designing.

10. I prefer cardboard packaging (rather than plastic) because it ages much more beautifully.

The Book of The Year

Do you know that today you have more writers than readers? Do you know that 80% of people around you right now are thinking of publishing their own book?

The above fact makes us wonder more about “you”.
Help us by answering the below few questions.

1. What top 3 topics make you want to buy a book?

2. What do you expect to “get” out of a book you purchase?

3. How much money do you invest in average, per book?

4. If you were to go to a library right now, what would you like to find one about?

5. Name one book that has changed your life.

Thank you for your input, we look forward to reading your comments!