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10 Videos on the Printing Evolution, Process and Tips

Below are 10 Videos we came across on the subject of Printing in the Middle East and Printing Tips, that we found Informative, Educational and Fun to Watch.

1. French > Past and Present News on Printing in Lebanon for World Book Capital. The Evolution of Printing in the Middle East Explained.

2. English >  The Machine that Made Us, The Printing Press

3. Arabic > LBCI TV station, Profile on Printing Press, with a Visit in the Different Departments of a Printing Press

4. English & Arabic > A History of Printing and how it Evolved in Lebanon

5. English > Gutenberg and the Impact of the Printing Press

6. English > A Book Lover’s Fun Way of Explaining the History of Printing.

7. English > A Visual and Musical Animation on the History of Print

8. English > Why is Bleed Needed When Printing? Here is a Visual Demonstration of the Issue.

9. English > Print Designers, Some of the Important Criteria to Consider When Designing for print, by a Creative Critic.

10. English > How Publication Printing Works, taking an image from your Computer and Processing it to Print.